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BNIM - Kansas City Ballet

The Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity was adapted from a former power plant by BNIM. Photo: © Farshid Assassi
BNIM adapted a 1904 Power House building in Kansas City, Missouri to create the new Todd Bolender Center for Dance & Creativity. The original  structure of the 52,000-square-foot brick-clad building was preserved, with new partitions and volumes dividing its generous interior.

Section drawing looking west. Image: BNIM

Among the preserved industrial elements in the building are immense plate-steel funnels in the two story boiler room now painted orange to contrast with the white paint of the steel structure. The boiler room now serves as the building's lobby, with double-height, full-bay windows admitting daylight into the space. A new stair and mezzanine walkway run the length of the room and act as a buffer between public and private realms.

Looking along the former boiler room. Photo: © Farshid Assassi

"The studio requirements for daylight, height, and column free volumes were accommodated in the former North Engine Room. It is brought to life by the reconstruction of the Texas Skylight and a new “floating” studio floor plate within the volume, which borrows light from the exterior windows. The restored windows, readapted with new sustainable acoya wood sashes and insulated glazing systems, provide an energy efficient assembly while silencing adjacent train noise." – BNIM 

Studios with daylight form above. Photo: © Farshid Assassi
Jury Comments
"This project was commended for both the interior architecture and for the precedent it sets for the reuse of the country’s industrial building stock. 
"The planning of the program, in plan and section, was commended, in particular the suspended studios that allow sharing of views and daylight, as was the smokestack space, which is powerful and unexpected. 
"The design was also commended for the way it inserts an entirely new and different function into the space, clearly defining the new and the old while equally celebrating the character of the original industrial building. 
"Fantastic repurposing of a historic industrial building."
Looking down on offices in the new Bolender center. Photo: © Farshid Assassi
Project Credits

  • Client; Power House Properties
  • Architect; BNIM
  • Landscape Architect; BNIM
  • Code Consulting; FSC Inc.
  • Design-Build MEP Contractor; Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc.; Mark One Electrical Company, Inc.; US National Fire Suppression
  • Acoustic Engineer; Acoustical Design Group, Inc.
  • Civil Engineer; Taliaferro and Browne
  • Structural Engineer; Structural Engineering Associates, Inc.
  • Exhibit Design; Eisterhold Associates Inc.
  • Exhibit Fabricator; Exhibit Associates
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment; Contract Furnishings
  • General Contractor; J.E. Dunn Construction
  • Hardware Consulting; Studio 08 Consultants
  • Theatre Consultant; Harvest Productions Inc.

An upper-level catwalk now leads through a former chimney. Photo: © Farshid Assassi

Project Details

  • Energy Use Intensity; Not Available
  • Floors; 2
  • Area; 52,000 square feet (4,800 square meters)
  • Cost; $39 Million

The building was recognized in the Interior Architecture category of the 2013 AIA National Design Awards.

The studio theater. Photo: © Mike Sinclair

One of the north-facing dance spaces. Photo: © Farshid Assassi

Floor plan drawings. Image: BNIM

Exterior overview. Photo: © Mike Sinclair

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