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Moriko Kira Architect in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inside an upper-floor node of the newly renovated Tripolis building,  originally designed by Aldo van Eyck and remodeled by Moriko Kira Architect. Photo: Christian Richters
Moriko Kira Architect has redesigned the interior of Aldo van Eyck's Tripolis building in Amsterdam-South. Built in 1991, Tripolis is now the headquarters of Nikon Europe, a regional division of the Japanese electronics company.

The five-story building's original plan is a series of four interconnected volumes whose form is based on an octagon, although alternating facets of the octagon are expressed as large protruding bays. The volumes are linked together in a T-shaped plan and at the lower level, two curving wings help to enclose a pair of octagonal courtyards on either side of the central axis.

One of the newly opened office areas in the Tripolis building. Photo: Christian Richters

Each node is centered on a spiral staircase and circulation area, with circulation areas connecting the nodes. The original building tentant had heavily subdivided each node, creating a series of irregularly shaped compartmental offices arrayed around the stair, and enclosing narrow hallways.
Before and after plan drawings. Image: Moriko Kira Architect
The remodeled 5,200-square-meter (56,000-square-foot) building's floor plans are much more open, with van Eyck's circulation pattern preserved. For the large part, walls have been removed entirely. And in areas where privacy was still needed, glass walls replaced most solid partitions.
Looking toward one of the courtyard spaces. Photo: Christian Richters
"The building's unique geometry in combination with the transparency and the colours produces a fluid and light environment where the surrounding city and the greenery become part of the spatial perception. Simultaneously, precisely because of these same ingredients, the workstations remain intimate. In this way we honour Aldo van Eyck's concept, which forms the basis for our interior." --Moriko Kira

Glass walls replaced solid partitions in some areas of the Tripolis building. Photo: Christian Richters
The project's renovation occurred quickly, with design beginning in January 2012. Construction lasted from March to September.

A conference room in the Tripolis. Photo: Christian Richters

Views through rooms to the outside. Photo: Christian Richters

A nodal staircase. Photo: Christian Richters

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